Advertising on the Medtalkz platform enables targeted marketing to the country’s medical profession.

    The healthcare provider market in South Africa is made up of those providers registered with the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA); the Allied Health Professions Council of SA (AHPCSA); the Pharmacy Council; and, the SA Nursing Council.  Numbers are broken down as follows: *


    • General practitioners: 27 411
    • Doctors: 43 791 (including 27 411 General Practitioners)
    • Dental: 8 705 (including General Dental Practice; Dental Technician; Dental Therapy; Orthodontics; Periodontics; Prosthodontics)
    • Other healthcare providers: 63 854 (including Physiotherapists; Dieticians; Nurses; Pharmacists; Occupational Therapists; and, Psychologists)

    The number of medical students and doctors qualifying each year include:


    • +/- 1 200 new doctors • +/- 3 600 in Internships and Community service
    • Registrar base of approximately 2 400
    • Approximately 500 new Specialists qualifying per annum
    • Approximately 400 diploma candidates per annum
    • Approximately 3 000 doctors studying post-grad exams p.a.



    Several high-visibility spots exist on the Medtalkz site for strategic brand placement.

    As an introductory offer, Medtalkz provides the opportunity for trade partners to advertise on the home page and other public facing pages for a monthly fee of R5000.

    For trade partners wishing to have exclusive branding on pre-video pages as well as banner advertising on all public-facing pages, the cost is R10 000 per month.

    Advertising on the pre-video pages would not be shared with any other sponsors in the sector.


    Online advertising rates are set through a combination of ad size, ad location, ad performance and market demand.

    Our introductory pricing of R5 000 monthly (excl. VAT) includes four different adverts spread across categories 1, 2 and/or 3 either with no specific targeting or targeting up to two fields of medicine.


    Top banner: 468 (w) x 60 (h) pixels

    Tower banners: 170 (w) x 425 (h) pixels



    Advertising will be categorised according to marketing codes as follows:

    Category one adverts 

    These ads will have no restrictions and may be displayed/played during videos and on any page within the site to any audience, whether they are logged in or not.

    Category one adverts include:


    • All non-pharma & non-medical equipment ads.
    • Pharma and medical equipment brand ads.


    Category two adverts

    Category two adverts will be restricted during video play but may be displayed/played before or after video play on any page within the site to logged in non-logged in users.

    Category two adverts include:


    • Pharma products – Schedules 0 and 1
    • Medical equipment product ads
      • Once MCC registration is mandatory this group may include only class A & B medical devices


    Category three adverts

    Will be restricted during video play and will only be displayed/played to logged in pharmacists, medical practitioners, dentists, veterinarians or other authorized prescribers.

    Category three adverts include:


    • Pharma products – Schedule 2 and above
    • Once MCC registration is mandatory this group may include class C & D medical devices


    Ad Categories


    Category 1

      • All non-pharma adverts
      • Non-medical equipment ads
      • Pharma brand ads
      • Medical equipment brand ads

    • No restrictions

    Category 2

      • Pharma products – Schedules 0 and 1
      • Medical equipment product ads

      • Ads may not be displayed during video play

    Category 3

      • Pharma products – Schedule 2 and above

      • May only be displayed to logged in doctors and pharmacists
      • May not be displayed during video play


General note on equipment advertising

Medical devices are not yet registered and therefore one may be unaware of the eventual Class into which a medical device will be placed once registered. Advertising of medical devices does not yet attract the restrictions applicable to medicines, however, discretion is advised.




Please contact Noni on noni@medtalkz.com or
Lori on
lori@medtalkz.com  for details and rates